When Do You Need Help from eDiscovery Experts?

Are you looking for documents that can serve as evidence for your case?

You’re going to need eDiscovery experts, such as http://cdslegal.com/, to search for the electronic files and data you need to back your case. The company is a pioneer in the eDiscovery industry and has the ISO Security Certificate to show for it.

CDS would not be awarded the highest standards and certifications if they don’t provide excellent services and use advanced tools in carrying out their tasks. The certification only showed that the company maintains high security by using hosting that are ISO 27001 certified and processes that have been tested for Type 2 SOC 2 compliance.

When do you need the services from http://cdslegal.com/?

Intellectual Property Case

If someone accused you of patent infringement or vice versa, eDiscovery can come in handy in the search, review, and production of large quantities of information that have been electronically stored. The quicker the process of electronic discovery the lower the cost of patent litigation where e-data is concerned. This may not reduce the length of time a case drags on, but it will help ensure that only electronically stored information relevant to the case is provided.

Merger & Acquisition Review

Is a merger or acquisition in the books for your business? It is highly likely that the FTC and DOJ would want to review any and all transactions proposed to ensure that they will not affect US commerce. CDS can help you respond to M&A-related inquiries from the FTC in a quick and well-sorted manner. Considering that the FTC or DOJ can block a deal by taking legal action, it will work to your advantage to ensure that all data presented will work in your favor.

Virus Attack Investigation

Malware can be a real pain, regardless of who the victim is. But when a virus, spyware, or Trojan hits huge organizations and cause major damage it can be investigated through eDiscovery. People want to get the bottom of things and the only way to access computer information is through electronic means.

Hacking sanctioned by the court or government for the purpose of obtaining evidence critical to a particular case also calls for eDiscovery.

Suffice to say that there are many situations where this process of discovery proves useful. So it is not a surprise that the demand for eDiscovery has significantly increased. It is going through a revolution as well, what with AI foreseen as becoming central to the entire process.

This only means that eDiscovery will become highly efficient in identifying characters crucial to a legal matter, helping legal teams build a strong strategy through proper selection of key documents, and in providing information necessary to make important decisions in business. With this evolution, individuals and organizations that were previously reluctant and doubtful about eDiscovery will change their opinion about it. And rightly so.

If you are still on the fence yourself, visit http://cdslegal.com/ for more information. This is especially true if you’re looking at electronic information that is buried in a database full of text, spreadsheets, and a host of other files.

Speak to anyone on the team today and know your options.

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