Learn About Cement or Concrete Rendering

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While considering concrete rendering, it is important to learn the following about it, before you contact your nearest concrete rendering professionals to offer you cement rendering services.

About concrete rendering

 Reliable specialists for cement render with Quickwall.com.au suggest that, three main components exist to make a complete concrete render. The components include one part lime, one part cement, and six parts sharp clean and fine sand. Lime is added to the render to make it more workable and to prevent cracking when it dries up. It is also important to note that, concrete rendering allows you to use any type of cement. In addition, when applying the undercoats, you can add coarse sand, and use fine sand when applying the top coats.

In addition, you should have it in mind that, the color of the render is determined by the color of the cement used in the mix. You can also change the color of the concrete render by adding a tint to the render at the mixing stage. Similarly, you can paint it after application once it has dried up. Cement rendering can be applied on any masonry surface such as brick, stone, and mud brick and it is mostly used on exterior part of the wall, as compared to the interior part.

Advantages of concrete rendering

Concrete rendering is the most popular type of rendering, as you can apply it on any masonry surface. Therefore, you can create a smooth finish depending on the techniques you use when applying the render. Some commonly used techniques include bagging, among other relevant techniques that specialists recommend. In addition, concrete rendering is the most cost-effective rendering option that allows you to cover large areas without breaking your set-aside budget.

Another advantage of cement rendering is that it can be easily painted if you have opted not to color the concrete at the mixing stage. You should also note that you could paint it at any stage after the render has fully dried. In addition, you can use any rated outdoor paint. This offers you a chance to choose from different paint colors, and use the one that suits you.

What to look out for in concrete rendering

While concrete rendering remains an excellent rendering option, some important things exist that you need to look out for, when considering this rendering method. First off, it is advisable to find a reliable professional to prepare the outer wall properly. As experts recommend, the success of the final rendered finish depends on how the wall is prepared. In addition, if you choose to color the render at the mixing stage, then your professional should do a sample and allow it to dry, to ensure the tone and depth of color is correct.

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