Common Misconceptions About Car Vinyl Wraps

The car vinyl wrap Brisbane industry is on the rise, as more and more companies are recognizing its effectiveness in terms of brand marketing. Experts are now touting it as a more efficient means of outdoor marketing compared to billboards and banners. However, just like everything that is praised and lauded, car vinyl wrapping does have its share of naysayers.

Maybe they are people who work in the billboard or TV ad industry and hate to see their marketing platform of choice lose to car wrapping. Or businessmen who refuse to let go of traditional means and try something new. They could also be just uneducated and misinformed people who haven’t seen the benefits to car wrapping just yet. No matter what the reason is, naysayers like these are usually the source of misconceptions and myths regarding car wrapping.

Car vinyl wrapping is actually one of the most recommended forms of business signage Brisbane companies should use, and here we shed some light on a few misconceptions and myths.

#1. Car wrapping services are expensive

At first glance, it’s easy to see why people think that way. Wrapping your entire company car with your business branding looks like a huge extravagance. However, if you look at the possible benefits involved, it is even cheaper than billboards. The most basic car vinyl wrap Brisbane providers offer already includes back windows and the sides, and it only costs around $500. According to studies, the potential amount of views per day for a typical vinyl wrapped car is 60,000 views. So if you look at the cost to viewership ratio, it’s even more cost effective than billboards, since the latter is stagnant and can only be seen by people that do pass by it.

#2. Car vinyl wraps don’t leave an impression

People seem to think that car wrapping is ineffective because visibility only lasts for a few seconds. Yes, because the car is constantly moving, some people might not have the time to focus on it before the car is out of sight. However, this way of thinking is very misinformed because it doesn’t put into consideration how people’s minds work.

Have you ever experienced seeing something from the corner of your eye, and then remembering what it was once you see it again in the future? Even if you don’t focus on something, it can still be retained in your sub-conscious. This is why car wrapping works well with other types of advertising, like the TV ads, radio snippets, and banner printing Brisbane businesses often use. People see the ads and banners, and the memory of them are implanted into their sub-conscious. So every time they see your company car, even if it’s just a small glimpse, the memory surfaces, resulting in constant reinforcement.

#3. Car wrapping is extremely unsafe

This myth is just bogus – while other misconceptions might be explained in one way or another, this is an outright lie. People seem to believe this because they believe that car wrapping means completely covering the car with the company ID. Of course, the vehicle signs Brisbane companies use follow set standards to ensure the safety of each car. When it comes to windows, they never put signage on the front window, which will handicap visibility. Side windows are sometimes covered, but providers offer transparent wraps to promote safety.


It’s sad that these misconceptions hamper the growth of the car vinyl wrap Brisbane industry and prevent businesses from truly discovering the potentials of car wrapping. Hopefully this article has contributed in setting the record straight on this wonderful and effective means of outdoor advertising. Visit us at